Achzib (AkĀ“zib)

1 A city in northern Canaan located near the coast north of Acco. Although it was on the border of the territory of Asher, the Canaanites were never totally expelled from the city (Josh 19:29); (Judg 1:31). It is tentatively identified as the present ez-Zib or Tel Akhziv. 2 A city in the lowlands of Judah, tentatively identified as Tel el-Beida, northwest of Lachish (Josh 15:44); probably also (Mic 1:14).

Josh 19:29

29then the boundary turns to Ramah, reaching to the fortified city of Tyre; then the boundary turns to Hosah, and it ends at the sea; Mahalab, Achzib,

Judg 1:31

31Asher did not drive out the inhabitants of Acco, or the inhabitants of Sidon, or of Ahlab, or of Achzib, or of Helbah, or of Aphik, or of Rehob;

Josh 15:44

44Keilah, Achzib, and Mareshah: nine towns with their villages.

Mic 1:14

14Therefore you shall give parting gifts
to Moresheth-gath;
the houses of Achzib shall be a deception
to the kings of Israel.

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