Adummim (Uh-duhm´im)

A name referring both to a pass (Josh 18:17) and to an area used to distinguish the border between the tribal inheritance of Benjamin and that of Judah (Josh 15:7). Following that border constituted the shortest way to go down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and then on to the Transjordan.

Josh 18:17

17then it bends in a northerly direction going on to En-shemesh, and from there goes to Geliloth, which is opposite the ascent of Adummim; then it goes down to ... View more

Josh 15:7

7and the boundary goes up to Debir from the Valley of Achor, and so northward, turning toward Gilgal, which is opposite the ascent of Adummim, which is on the s ... View more

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