Asaph (Ay´saf; Heb., “collector”)

1 The father of the Joah who was recorder in the court of King Hezekiah of Judah (727–698 BCE; 2Kgs 18:18). 2 A musician who was among those whom David appointed to oversee music in worship (1Chr 6:39) and who sang at the dedication of Solomon’s Temple (2Chr 5:12). A number of psalms were also attributed to him (Ps 50; Ps 73-83). 3 A Levite whose descendants lived in Judah after the exile (1Chr 9:15). 4 A Levite whose descendants served as gatekeepers in the Temple (1Chr 26:1). 5 The keeper of the forests of King Artaxerxes of Persia, who was commanded by royal letter to furnish timber for Nehemiah’s restoration of the Temple (mid to late sixth century BCE).

2Kgs 18:18

18When they called for the king, there came out to them Eliakim son of Hilkiah, who was in charge of the palace, and Shebnah the secretary, and Joah son of Asap ... View more

1Chr 6:39

39and his brother Asaph, who stood on his right, namely, Asaph son of Berechiah, son of Shimea,

2Chr 5:12

12and all the levitical singers, Asaph, Heman, and Jeduthun, their sons and kindred, arrayed in fine linen, with cymbals, harps, and lyres, stood east of the al ... View more

Ps 50

The Acceptable Sacrifice
A Psalm of Asaph.
1The mighty one, God the Lord,
speaks and summons the earth
from the rising of the sun to its setting.2Out of Zion, t ... View more

Ps 73-83

(Psalms 73-89)
Plea for Relief from Oppressors
A Psalm of Asaph.
1Truly God is good to the upright,
to those who are pure in heart.2But as for me, my f ... View more

1Chr 9:15

15and Bakbakkar, Heresh, Galal, and Mattaniah son of Mica, son of Zichri, son of Asaph;

1Chr 26:1

The Gatekeepers
1As for the divisions of the gatekeepers: of the Korahites, Meshelemiah son of Kore, of the sons of Asaph.

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