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Glossary Items starting with 'A'

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  • abolitionist

    Opposed to the practice of slavery.

  • Achaemenid

    Founded circa 550 BC by Cyrus II. It was the largest empire of its era, extended from Anatolia and Egypt to northern India.

  • Adapa

    In Mesopotamian myth, the first of the ancient sages, a human-fish hybrid who bypassed a chance at immortality.

  • Aegean

    The island-filled sea between Greece and Turkey, which opens to the Mediterranean sea on the south.

  • agrarian

    Relating to agriculture, or (of a society) dependent on agriculture for food.

  • Akedah

    Hebrew term for the binding of Isaac

  • Akkadian

    The Mesopotamian language, written on cuneiform, that was used by the Assyrian and Babylonian empires.

  • Aleppo codex

    one of the oldest (ca. 930 CE) and most important, but no longer complete, existing examples of the Masoretic Text

  • Alexander (the Great)

    A Macedonian (Greek) general who conquered the Persians and ruled over a vast empire, from Greece to the Indus River, in the 330s B.C.E.

  • allegory

    A mode of writing, reading, or interpreting that operates on a symbolic, rather than literal, level.

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