Warren Carter

Warren Carter

Warren Carter

Warren Carter is Meinders Professor of New Testament  at Phillips Theological Seminary, Tulsa OK. He is the author of numerous books, including What Does Revelation Reveal? (Abingdon, 2011), John and Empire: Initial Explorations (Continuum, 2008), and The Roman Empire and the New Testament: An Essential Guide (Abingdon, 2006).

: Portrait Head of Tiberius

Jesus and Caesar

Did Caesar know who Jesus was?


Antioch to Jerusalem

What was the main trade route between Antioch and Jerusalem?

Roman pedestal or pillar base

The Roman Empire

Rome was the major imperial power controlling the Mediterranean from roughly the first century BCE to the fifth century CE.

A tombstone for a “virgin

Rome in the New Testament

The Roman Empire looms large in the context and content of the New Testament.


Pontius Pilate

Pontius Pilate was the Roman governor of Judea during the reign of Emperor Tiberius.

Painting from Pompeii showing a banquet or family ceremony

Economic Justice and the Roman Empire

In the Roman Empire, a small ruling elite held great power, wealth, and status. The average citizen lived a more precarious life.

The Calling of Saints Peter and Andrew. Mosaic from the Church of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo

Antioch and the Gospel of Matthew

Scholars tend to agree that the Gospel of Matthew may have been written in Antioch (in modern-day Turkey).

The site of ancient Sepphoris in the foreground