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1 The son of Shem and grandson of Noah (Gen 10:22-23; 1Chr 1:17). 2 The grandson of Nahor, Abraham’s brother (Gen 22:21). 3 A descendant of Asher (1Chr 7:34). In (Matt 1:3-4); “Aram” represents the OT name Ram. 4 A powerful state (or confederation of states) that rose to ascendancy during the early first millennium BCE and vied with Israel for control over their region of the Levant. Saul (1Sam 14:47), David (2Sam 8:5-12), and Solomon (1Kgs 11:23-25) clashed with the Arameans. Jeroboam II of Israel finally overpowered Aram, and the latter declined in importance thereafter, with one short-lived rally during the reign of Ahaz, king of Israel.

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