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Doo´tuh-ron´uh-mee; Gk., “second law”

The fifth book of the Pentateuch. It presents a series of three discourses by Moses (Deut 1:6-4:40; Deut 5-28; Deut 29-30); with a concluding addendum (Deut 31-34), as the Hebrews prepare to enter the land of Canaan.

Outline of Contents


I. A call to obedience: history as basis for communal faith (Deut 1:1-4:43)

A. Introduction and setting (Deut 1:1-5)

B. Historical review (Deut 1:6-3:29)

C. Call for response (Deut 4:1-40)

D. Cities of refuge (Deut 4:41-43)

II. The Ten Words: foundational principles of community (Deut 4:44-5:33)

A. Introduction and setting (Deut 4:44-49)

B. The commandments at Sinai (Deut 5:1-33)

III. Memory and heritage: the shaping of community (Deut 6:1-11:32)

A. One God, one loyalty (Deut 6:1-9)

B. Remembering for the future (Deut 6:10-8:10)

C. Dangers of pride and arrogance (Deut 8:11-10:11)

D. First priorities (Deut 10:12-11:32)

IV. Torah: a community under God (Deut 12:1-26:19)

A. Communal worship: where and to whom (Deut 12:1-13:18)

B. Being a holy people (Deut 14:1-15:23)

C. Communal worship: when (Deut 16:1-17)

D. Issues of justice and worship (Deut 16:18-19:21)

E. Rules for holy war (Deut 20:1-20)

F. Obligations in community (Deut 21:1-25:19)

G. Communal worship: thankfulness (Deut 26:1-15)

H. Concluding exhortation (Deut 26:16-19)

V. Covenant making and keeping: the boundaries of community (Deut 27:1-34:12)

A. Covenant of obedience (Deut 27:1-30:20)

B. Words of encouragement (Deut 31:1-8)

C. Concerns for the future (Deut 31:9-29)

D. Song and Blessing of Moses (Deut 31:30-33:29)

E. Epilogue: Moses’s death (Deut 34:1-12)