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Book of, the second book of the OT and the story of Moses’s call by God to rescue his people from oppression in Egypt. The book relates the Hebrew people’s dramatic escape from bondage, after which they set out toward the land of Canaan and enter into a covenant with God at Mt. Sinai (where God gives them the Ten Commandments).

Outline of Contents


I. Introduction: the new threat (Exod 1:1-22)

II. Moses (Exod 2:1-7:7)

A. A child is found (Exod 2:1-10)

B. Escape to Midian (Exod 2:11-22)

C. Transition (Exod 2:23-25)

D. Call and commission (Exod 3:1-4:17)

E. Return to Egypt and encounter with Pharaoh (Exod 4:18-6:1)

F. Covenant promises and commission (Exod 6:2-13)

G. Genealogy and summary and transition (Exod 6:14-27)

H. Renewed commission (Exod 6:28-7:7)

III. Contest with Pharaoh (Exod 7:8-12:32)

A. Rod to serpent (Exod 7:8-13)

B. Plagues (Exod 7:14-10:29)

C. Death of firstborn I (Exod 11:1-10)

D. Interlude: Passover observance (Exod 12:1-28)

E. Death of firstborn II (Exod 12:29-32)

IV. Departure from Egypt (Exod 12:33-15:21)

A. Initial haste (Exod 12:33-42)

B. Regulations for Passover (Exod 12:43-13:16)

C. Divine guidance (Exod 13:17-22)

D. Pharaoh’s pursuit and defeat (Exod 14:1-31)

E. Victory song (Exod 15:1-21)

V. In the Wilderness (Exod 15:22-18:27)

A. Water at Marah and Elim (Exod 15:22-27)

B. Manna and quail (Exod 16:1-36)

C. Water at Massah and Meribah (Exod 17:1-7)

D. Victory over Amalek (Exod 17:8-16)

E. Jethro’s visit (Exod 18:1-27)

VI. At the mountain (Exod 19:1-40:38)

A. Preparations and Decalogue (Exod 19:1-20:21)

B. The covenant (Exod 20:22-24:11)

C. Moses and God (Exod 24:12-18)

D. Prescriptions for the tabernacle (Exod 25:1-31:11)

E. Sabbath observance and covenant provisions (Exod 31:12-35:3)

F. The tabernacle (Exod 35:4-40:38)

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