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An organ adapted to perceive light and darkness. In the Bible, the word can refer to the eyes of humans and animals (Gen 27:1; Job 21:20) and appears in a number of combinations, such as “raising one’s eyes” (lit., Gen 18:2). “Eye” may also be used to refer to a person’s look or appearance (Lev 13:55). “Eye” also appears in a number of metaphorical senses. A person whose eye is “evil” is one consumed with jealousy, envy, or malice toward another (Matt 6:23; Mark 7:22). “Eye” can be used in connection with the heart or mind (Eph 1:18; Luke 19:42). Therefore, those who are without understanding can be spoken of as having their eyes blinded (Isa 6:10; Mark 8:18; Matt 13:15; John 12:40; Acts 28:27). God is often pictured with multiple eyes (Zech 4:10). They rove over the world like the agents of the great king (Job 1:6).