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Constructions providing a stable base for any superstructure. The word refers both to natural formations (Deut 32:32) and to humanly prepared anchorages for buildings (1Kgs 5:17; Ezra 3:10; Luke 6:48; Acts 16:26; Rev 21:19). It is also used figuratively to refer to many things: universal stability (2Sam 22:16; Ps 18:15; Ps 82:5), the righteousness and justice of God (Ps 89:14), God’s redemption (Isa 28:16), the beginning of things (Matt 13:35; John 16:4), prior Christian work (Rom 15:20), Jesus Christ (1Cor 3:11), the apostles, prophets, and Jesus (Eph 1:4), God’s work (2Tim 2:19), and a permanent basis of life that is crafted by God (Heb 11:10).