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The book of, an OT book of prophetic oracles attributed to the Judean prophet Jeremiah. This prophet was active from the thirteenth year of Josiah (627/6 BCE) until after the fall of Jerusalem to Babylon (587 BCE). The book contains both his early visions and prophecies of judgment and later prophecies of restoration, along with oracles of judgment against Israel’s enemies.

Outline of Contents


I. Visions, prophecies of judgment, and personal laments, mostly undated (chaps. 1–24). Secondary collections here are

Concerning the drought (Jer 14:1-15:4)

To the kings (Jer 21:11-23:8)

To the prophets (Jer 23:9-40)

II. Speeches of Jeremiah and stories about him, all dated (Jer 25-45). This collection is subdivided as follows:

A. Individual episodes (Jer 25-29). This subdivision incorporated the book of restoration (Jer 30-33)

B. A continuous biography (Jer 37-45).

III. Prophecies against the nations (Jer 46-51)

A. Egypt (Jer 46)

B. Philistines (Jer 47)

C. Moab, Ammon, Edom, Damascus, Qedar, and Hazor (Jer 48:1-49:33)

D. Elam (Jer 49:34-39)

E. Babylon (Jer 50-51).

IV. Historical appendix (Jer 52).

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