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The name of a person associated with Paul, mentioned in (Col 4:14; 2Tim 4:11); and Phlm 1:24). In (Col 4:10-14), Luke is called the “beloved physician.” In (2Tim 4:10-12), Paul is said to have been deserted by all of his former associates except for Luke, who alone is with him. Tradition dating back to the second century attributes the book that came to be called the Gospel of Luke as well as the book of Acts to this person. If this tradition is accepted, details of his life might be gathered from those passages in the book of Acts in which the author writes in the first person, apparently indicating that he is present and a participant in what is going on (Acts 16:10-17; Acts 20:5-15; Acts 21:1-18; Acts 27:1-28:16).

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