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A Greek word meaning “coming,” “arrival,” or “being present.” It occurs several times in the NT: (Matt 24:3, Matt 24:27, Matt 24:37, Matt 24:39; 1Cor 15:23; 1Thess 2:19; 1Thess 3:13; 1Thess 4:15; 1Thess 5:23; 2Thess 2:1, 2Thess 2:8; Jas 5:7-8; 2Pet 1:16; 2Pet 3:4, 2Pet 3:12; 1John 2:28). In most instances, the term gives expression to the early Christian belief and expectation that Jesus will appear, in the future, as Son of Man, Christ (Messiah), or Lord. Frequently in these texts, Jesus is visualized as the one who will sit as judge on the coming day of judgment. A number of passages suggest that certain “signs” or preliminary phenomena may indicate that Jesus’s parousia or other parousia events are imminent (Matt 24:4-34; Mark 13:5-20; Luke 21:8-28; 2Thess 2:1-12; 1John 2:18). Other texts call on readers to be ready because such events will take place without warning (see, e.g., Matt 24:43-44).