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Peter, The Second Letter of

A second letter in the NT collection attributed to the apostle Peter (2Pet 3:1) and classified as one of the seven “Catholic,” or General, Letters. Since the Letter seems to address contexts decades after Peter’s death, it is usually regarded as a testament written in the second century to convey what Peter “would say” to the church of that era. The letter is remarkably similar to the NT Letter of Jude, dealing, as does that composition, with the problem of false teachers in the church.

Outline of Contents

2 Peter

I. Letter opening (2Pet 1:1-2)

II. Patron’s benefaction and client’s response (2Pet 1:3-11)

III. Fictive occasion of the letter (2Pet 1:12-15)

IV. First apology: defense of prophecy (2Pet 1:16-21)

V. Second apology: defense of divine judgment (2Pet 2:1-10 )

VI. Shame on the opponents (2Pet 2:10-22)

VII. Third apology: defense of the end of the world (2Pet 3:1-7)

VIII. Fourth apology: defense of “delay” as gift (2Pet 3:8-101)

IX. Moral consequences of this doctrine (2Pet 3:11-14)

X. Even Paul agrees (2Pet 3:15-16)

XI. Letter conclusion (2Pet 3:17-18)

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