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Prisca, Priscilla

Pris´kuh, pri-sil´uh

A prominent woman in the early Christian church, always mentioned in connection with Aquila, her husband. Paul calls her Prisca (a common Latin name), but Acts prefers Priscilla (Acts 18:2-28; Rom 16:3; 1Cor 16:19). Driven from Rome by Claudius’s edict (49-50 CE) that expelled Jews from that city, the couple moved to Corinth, where they came into contact with Paul. Like Paul, Prisca and Aquila were tentmakers and he stayed with them for a time (Acts 18:3). Then, leaving Corinth with Paul, they settled in Ephesus. Paul greets them in (Rom 16:3 and 1Cor 16:19; 2Tim 4:19).

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