Ezra (Ez´ruh; Heb., “help”)

Priest and scribe (secretary) who appears in (Ezra 7:1-10:44 and Neh 8:1-9:15). He accompanies the Jews who return from exile in Babylon, with authority from Persian rulers to impose the law among them.

Ezra 7:1-10:44

The Coming and Work of Ezra
1After this, in the reign of King Artaxerxes of Persia, Ezra son of Seraiah, son of Azariah, son of Hilkiah,2son of Shallum, son of ... View more

Neh 8:1-9:15

1all the people gathered together into the square before the Water Gate. They told the scribe Ezra to bring the book of the law of Moses, which the Lord had giv ... View more

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