One of the Philistine Pentapolis cities located on the coastal plain in southern Palestine (Josh 13:3). It, like Ashdod, was one of the remaining homes of the Anakim (giants). The city is mentioned twice in conjunction with the stories about the Ark of the Covenant (1Sam 4-6; 2Sam 6). The Philistine inhabitants of Ashdod sent the Ark to Gath (1Sam 5:8; 1Sam 6:17; 1Sam 7:14). Gath was also the home of Goliath the Philistine (1Sam 17:4; 1Sam 17:23). David befriended Achish, the king of Gath, during his period of social banditry (1Sam 27:2-11). However, Gath continued as a center of opposition to the Hebrews, and it provided fighting men who opposed the Hebrews (2Sam 15:18; 2Sam 21:20). During the reign of Joash (ca. 800–785 BCE) Hazael, king of Damascus/Syria, took the city (2Kgs 12:17). According to the Chronicler, the city was captured by David (2Chr 26:6) and recaptured by Uzziah (ca. 783–742 BCE).

Josh 13:3

3(from the Shihor, which is east of Egypt, northward to the boundary of Ekron, it is reckoned as Canaanite; there are five rulers of the Philistines, those of G ... View more

1Sam 4-6

1And the word of Samuel came to all Israel.
The Ark of God Captured
In those days the Philistines mustered for war against Israel, and Israel went out to battle ... View more

2Sam 6

David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem
1David again gathered all the chosen men of Israel, thirty thousand.2David and all the people with him set out and went from B ... View more

1Sam 5:8

8So they sent and gathered together all the lords of the Philistines, and said, “What shall we do with the ark of the God of Israel?” The inhabitants of Gath re ... View more

1Sam 6:17

17These are the gold tumors, which the Philistines returned as a guilt offering to the Lord: one for Ashdod, one for Gaza, one for Ashkelon, one for Gath, one f ... View more

1Sam 7:14

14The towns that the Philistines had taken from Israel were restored to Israel, from Ekron to Gath; and Israel recovered their territory from the hand of the Ph ... View more

1Sam 17:4

4And there came out from the camp of the Philistines a champion named Goliath, of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span.

1Sam 17:23

23As he talked with them, the champion, the Philistine of Gath, Goliath by name, came up out of the ranks of the Philistines, and spoke the same words as before ... View more

1Sam 27:2-11

2So David set out and went over, he and the six hundred men who were with him, to King Achish son of Maoch of Gath.3David stayed with Achish at Gath, he and his ... View more

2Sam 15:18

18All his officials passed by him; and all the Cherethites, and all the Pelethites, and all the six hundred Gittites who had followed him from Gath, passed on b ... View more

2Sam 21:20

20There was again war at Gath, where there was a man of great size, who had six fingers on each hand, and six toes on each foot, twenty-four in number; he too w ... View more

2Kgs 12:17

Hazael Threatens Jerusalem
17At that time King Hazael of Aram went up, fought against Gath, and took it. But when Hazael set his face to go up against Jerusalem ... View more

2Chr 26:6

6He went out and made war against the Philistines, and broke down the wall of Gath and the wall of Jabneh and the wall of Ashdod; he built cities in the territo ... View more

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