Gibeon (Gib´ee-uhn)

A town identified with modern el-Jib, five and a half miles northwest of Jerusalem. During the conquest of Canaan the Gibeonites, who are described as Hivites (Josh 9:7) or Amorites (2Sam 21:2), tricked the Israelites into making a treaty not to harm them. It was upheld, but the Gibeonites were reduced to becoming hewers of wood and drawers of water (Josh 9:3-27). In an ensuing battle near Gibeon (Josh 10:1-14), the Israelites defeated a coalition of Canaanite kings led by Adoni-zedek of Jerusalem. Later (eleventh century BCE) King Saul broke the treaty with the Gibeonites when he attempted to annihilate them, an act that caused famine during David’s reign. The Gibeonites gained revenge by impaling seven of Saul’s sons on the mountain of Yahweh (2Sam 21:1-15), possibly the high place at Gibeon. In the time of King David young warriors led by Joab and Abner fought on the edge of a pool at Gibeon (2Sam 2:12-17). At the beginning of his reign Solomon traveled to Gibeon to sacrifice at what was called the great high place (1Kgs 3:4-15). The great stone at Gibeon (2Sam 20:8) may be associated with this high place.

Josh 9:7

7But the Israelites said to the Hivites, “Perhaps you live among us; then how can we make a treaty with you?”

2Sam 21:2

2So the king called the Gibeonites and spoke to them. (Now the Gibeonites were not of the people of Israel, but of the remnant of the Amorites; although the peo ... View more

Josh 9:3-27

3But when the inhabitants of Gibeon heard what Joshua had done to Jericho and to Ai,4they on their part acted with cunning: they went and prepared provisions, a ... View more

Josh 10:1-14

The Sun Stands Still
1When King Adoni-zedek of Jerusalem heard how Joshua had taken Ai, and had utterly destroyed it, doing to Ai and its king as he had done to ... View more

2Sam 21:1-15

David Avenges the Gibeonites
1Now there was a famine in the days of David for three years, year after year; and David inquired of the Lord. The Lord said, “Ther ... View more

2Sam 2:12-17

The Battle of Gibeon
12Abner son of Ner, and the servants of Ishbaal son of Saul, went out from Mahanaim to Gibeon.13Joab son of Zeruiah, and the servants of Da ... View more

1Kgs 3:4-15

4The king went to Gibeon to sacrifice there, for that was the principal high place; Solomon used to offer a thousand burnt offerings on that altar.5At Gibeon th ... View more

2Sam 20:8

8When they were at the large stone that is in Gibeon, Amasa came to meet them. Now Joab was wearing a soldier's garment and over it was a belt with a sword in i ... View more

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