Jehoram (Ji-hor´uhm; Heb., “Yah[weh] is exalted”)

Alternately Joram, the name of two contemporary kings in Judah and Israel who were also brothers-in-law. 1 A king of Judah (ca. 849–842 BCE), son and successor of Jehoshaphat, and husband of the Omride princess Athaliah. According to the account in (2Chr 21) he murdered his six brothers upon succession to the throne. There was a close alliance between Judah and Israel during his reign and the subsequent reign of Athaliah. 2 A king of Israel (ca. 849–842 BCE) and brother and successor of Ahaziah. This Jehoram was probably coregent with his father, Jehoshaphat. He was unable to put down the rebellion of King Mesha of Moab. Jehoram was subsequently assassinated in Jezreel by his commander in chief, Jehu, thus destroying the Omride dynasty (2Kgs 9:23-24).

2Chr 21

Jehoram's Reign
1Jehoshaphat slept with his ancestors and was buried with his ancestors in the city of David; his son Jehoram succeeded him.2He had brothers, th ... View more

2Kgs 9:23-24

23Then Joram reined about and fled, saying to Ahaziah, “Treason, Ahaziah!”24Jehu drew his bow with all his strength, and shot Joram between the shoulders, so th ... View more

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