Jeroboam II

Jeroboam II

The son of Joash and his successor as king of Israel. The Bible says little about Jeroboam’s forty-one-year reign (ca. 786–746 BCE) except that “he did what was evil in the sight of the Lord; he did not depart from all the sins of Jeroboam son of Nebat” (2Kgs 14:24). He was able to expand his borders (2Kgs 14:25) and reclaim territory lost during the reign of Jehu and Jehoahaz (2Kgs 10:32-33; 2Kgs 13:1-9). The prosperity he brought to Israel, however, created sharper class distinctions, which, together with a continuation of Baal worship, provoked sharp judgment oracles from the prophet Amos, whose words dramatize the negative aspects of Jeroboam II’s reign (Amos 2:6-8; Amos 4:1-3; Amos 5:10-12; Amos 6:4-7; Amos 6:11-14 Amos 8:4-6).

2Kgs 14:24

24He did what was evil in the sight of the Lord; he did not depart from all the sins of Jeroboam son of Nebat, which he caused Israel to sin.

2Kgs 14:25

25He restored the border of Israel from Lebo-hamath as far as the Sea of the Arabah, according to the word of the Lord, the God of Israel, which he spoke by his ... View more

2Kgs 10:32-33

Death of Jehu
32In those days the Lord began to trim off parts of Israel. Hazael defeated them throughout the territory of Israel:33from the Jordan eastward, al ... View more

2Kgs 13:1-9

Jehoahaz Reigns over Israel
1In the twenty-third year of King Joash son of Ahaziah of Judah, Jehoahaz son of Jehu began to reign over Israel in Samaria; he reig ... View more

Amos 2:6-8

Judgment on Israel
6Thus says the Lord:
For three transgressions of Israel,
and for four, I will not revoke the punishment;
because they sell the righteous for ... View more

Amos 4:1-3

1Hear this word, you cows of Bashan
who are on Mount Samaria,
who oppress the poor, who crush the needy,
who say to their husbands, “Bring something to drink!”2 ... View more

Amos 5:10-12

10They hate the one who reproves in the gate,
and they abhor the one who speaks the truth.11Therefore because you trample on the poor
and take from them levies ... View more

Amos 6:4-7

4Alas for those who lie on beds of ivory,
and lounge on their couches,
and eat lambs from the flock,
and calves from the stall;5who sing idle songs to the sound ... View more

Amos 6:11-14

11See, the Lord commands,
and the great house shall be shattered to bits,
and the little house to pieces.12Do horses run on rocks?
Does one plow the sea with ox ... View more

Amos 8:4-6

4Hear this, you that trample on the needy,
and bring to ruin the poor of the land,5saying, “When will the new moon be over
so that we may sell grain;
and the sa ... View more

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