Moab, Moabites

Moab, Moabites (Moh´ab, moh´uh-bits)

Lot’s son born from an incestuous relationship with his elder daughter (Gen 19:30-38) and the people descended from him. They were closely linked with their northern neighbors, the Ammonites (descended from Moab’s half brother, Ben-ammi), with whom they later shared a border. The Moabite king Balak hired a prophet/diviner named Balaam to curse the Israelites (Num 22-24). Israel camped in the plains of Moab before entering the promised land (Num 35:1; Deut 1:5), and this brief sojourn was remembered as detrimental to Israelite religion (Num 25). In Judges, a Moabite king named Eglon extends his control over Benjaminites and is assassinated (Judg 3:12-30). The story of Ruth, also set in the period of the judges, tells of how a Moabite woman became King David’s great-grandmother. Both Saul and David fought with the Moabites, the latter subduing them (1Sam 14:47; 2Sam 8:2). After the time of David, Moab is mentioned only occasionally (2Kgs 3; 2Kgs 13:20; 2Kgs 24:2; Isa 15-16; Jer 48; Zeph 2:8-11).

Gen 19:30-38

The Shameful Origin of Moab and Ammon
30Now Lot went up out of Zoar and settled in the hills with his two daughters, for he was afraid to stay in Zoar; so he li ... View more

Num 22-24

Balak Summons Balaam to Curse Israel
1The Israelites set out, and camped in the plains of Moab across the Jordan from Jericho.2Now Balak son of Zippor saw all t ... View more

Num 35:1

Cities for the Levites
1In the plains of Moab by the Jordan at Jericho, the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:

Deut 1:5

5Beyond the Jordan in the land of Moab, Moses undertook to expound this law as follows:

Num 25

Worship of Baal of Peor
1While Israel was staying at Shittim, the people began to have sexual relations with the women of Moab.2These invited the people to the ... View more

Judg 3:12-30

12The Israelites again did what was evil in the sight of the Lord; and the Lord strengthened King Eglon of Moab against Israel, because they had done what ... View more

1Sam 14:47

Saul's Continuing Wars
47When Saul had taken the kingship over Israel, he fought against all his enemies on every side—against Moab, against the Ammonites, agai ... View more

2Sam 8:2

2He also defeated the Moabites and, making them lie down on the ground, measured them off with a cord; he measured two lengths of cord for those who were to be ... View more

2Kgs 3

Jehoram Reigns over Israel
1In the eighteenth year of King Jehoshaphat of Judah, Jehoram son of Ahab became king over Israel in Samaria; he reigned twelve years ... View more

2Kgs 13:20

20So Elisha died, and they buried him. Now bands of Moabites used to invade the land in the spring of the year.

2Kgs 24:2

2The Lord sent against him bands of the Chaldeans, bands of the Arameans, bands of the Moabites, and bands of the Ammonites; he sent them against Judah to destr ... View more

Isa 15-16

An Oracle concerning Moab
1An oracle concerning Moab.

Because Ar is laid waste in a night,
Moab is undone;
because Kir is laid waste in a night,
Moab is undone ... View more

Jer 48

Judgment on Moab
1Concerning Moab.

Thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel:
Alas for Nebo, it is laid waste!
Kiriathaim is put to shame, it is taken;
th ... View more

Zeph 2:8-11

8I have heard the taunts of Moab
and the revilings of the Ammonites,
how they have taunted my people
and made boasts against their territory.9Therefore, as I li ... View more

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