Nabal (Nay´buhl; Heb., “fool”)

A Calebite who acquired much wealth from raising sheep and goats in Carmel and who was married to a beautiful woman named Abigail. David sent messengers to Nabal requesting food for his soldiers. Nabal responded to the request with insults. As David gathered his men to avenge this impropriety, Abigail went out to meet David with provisions and a plea for mercy. Nabal became ill and died ten days later, and Abigail became David’s wife and the mother of his son Chileab (1Sam 25:1-42; 2Sam 3:3).

1Sam 25:1-42

Death of Samuel
1Now Samuel died; and all Israel assembled and mourned for him. They buried him at his home in Ramah.
Then David got up and went down to the wil ... View more

2Sam 3:3

3his second, Chileab, of Abigail the widow of Nabal of Carmel; the third, Absalom son of Maacah, daughter of King Talmai of Geshur;

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