Neco (Nee´koh)

II, king of Egypt ca. 610–595 BCE. Under Neco, Egypt sent a major sea and land expedition to north Syria in 609 BCE to aid Assyria against the Babylonian forces. In doing so he encountered King Josiah of Judah at Megiddo (2Kgs 23:29). Josiah died as a result of that encounter. On his return from north Syria about three months later, Neco deposed Jehoahaz (Shallum), king of Judah, whom the Hebrew people had anointed as successor to his father, Josiah, and installed Jehoiakim (formerly Eliakim) as successor to his younger brother. In 605 BCE Neco again battled Babylonia in north Syria, at Carchemish, losing decisively. Shortly thereafter Jehoiakim switched his allegiance to Babylonia, who came to control all of Syro-Palestine.

2Kgs 23:29

29In his days Pharaoh Neco king of Egypt went up to the king of Assyria to the river Euphrates. King Josiah went to meet him; but when Pharaoh Neco met him at M ... View more

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