Phinehas (Fin´ee-huhs)

1 A priest, son of Eleazar, grandson of Aaron (Exod 6:25; 1Chr 6:4; 1Chr 6:20), and ancestor of Ezra (Ezra 8:2). Phinehas demonstrated his zeal for God during the wilderness period. Seeing an Israelite man having intercourse with a Midianite woman, Phinehas killed them both with one thrust of a spear. This stayed the wrath of God against the people and earned a covenant of eternal priesthood for Phinehas and his descendants (Num 25:1-9; Ps 106:30-31). Phinehas accompanied Israelite soldiers in a holy war against Midian (Num 31:6), successfully negotiated a religious dispute between Israel and the Transjordanian tribes (Josh 22:10-34), and advised the Israelite tribes to attack Benjamin (Judg 20:27-28). (1Chr 9:20) states that he was in charge of the Temple gatekeepers. His home was in Gibeah (Josh 24:33). 2 A priest, the son of Eli (1Sam 1:3). He and his brother Hophni abused their priestly office at Shiloh, for which they were condemned (1Sam 2:12-36). Both were killed in battle at Aphek by the Philistines who captured the Ark (1Sam 4:11). On hearing the tragic news, Phinehas’s wife gave birth to Ichabod. 3 The father of the priest Eleazar (Ezra 8:33; 1Esd 8:63).

Exod 6:25

25Aaron's son Eleazar married one of the daughters of Putiel, and she bore him Phinehas. These are the heads of the ancestral houses of the Levites by their fam ... View more

1Chr 6:4

4Eleazar became the father of Phinehas, Phinehas of Abishua,

1Chr 6:20

20Of Gershom: Libni his son, Jahath his son, Zimmah his son,

Ezra 8:2

2Of the descendants of Phinehas, Gershom. Of Ithamar, Daniel. Of David, Hattush,

Num 25:1-9

Worship of Baal of Peor
1While Israel was staying at Shittim, the people began to have sexual relations with the women of Moab.2These invited the people to the ... View more

Ps 106:30-31

30Then Phinehas stood up and interceded,
and the plague was stopped.31And that has been reckoned to him as righteousness
from generation to generation forever.

Num 31:6

6Moses sent them to the war, a thousand from each tribe, along with Phinehas son of Eleazar the priest, with the vessels of the sanctuary and the trumpets for s ... View more

Josh 22:10-34

A Memorial Altar East of the Jordan
10When they came to the region near the Jordan that lies in the land of Canaan, the Reubenites and the Gadites and the half- ... View more

Judg 20:27-28

27And the Israelites inquired of the Lord (for the ark of the covenant of God was there in those days,28and Phinehas son of Eleazar, son of Aaron, ministered be ... View more

1Chr 9:20

20And Phinehas son of Eleazar was chief over them in former times; the Lord was with him.

Josh 24:33

33Eleazar son of Aaron died; and they buried him at Gibeah, the town of his son Phinehas, which had been given him in the hill country of Ephraim.

1Sam 1:3

3Now this man used to go up year by year from his town to worship and to sacrifice to the Lord of hosts at Shiloh, where the two sons of Eli, Hophni and Phineha ... View more

1Sam 2:12-36

12Now the sons of Eli were scoundrels; they had no regard for the Lord13or for the duties of the priests to the people. When anyone offered sacrifice, the pries ... View more

1Sam 4:11

11The ark of God was captured; and the two sons of Eli, Hophni and Phinehas, died.

Ezra 8:33

33On the fourth day, within the house of our God, the silver, the gold, and the vessels were weighed into the hands of the priest Meremoth son of Uriah, and wit ... View more

1Esd 8:63

63with him was Eleazar son of Phinehas, and with them were Jozabad son of Jeshua and Moeth son of Binnui, the Levites.

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