Reubenites (Roo´bi-nits)

The tribe that carried the name of the firstborn of Jacob and Leah, Reuben (Gen 29:32). As such the tribe is mentioned first in the list of those who leave Egypt (Exod 6:14), in the list of the tribal leaders in the desert (Num 1:5) and the census there (Num 1:20-21, Num 26:5-10), in the blessing of Moses (Deut 33:6), and in the apportionment of the land by Joshua (Josh 13:15-23; Num 2:10; Num 2:16; Num 7:30; Num 18:18; Deut 13:4; Ezek 48:31). The history of the tribe is difficult to reconstruct, but Jacob’s rebuke (Gen 49:4; 1Chr 5:1) and Moses’s blessing (Deut 33:6) indicate that Reuben, once a strong tribe, became weak over time.

Gen 29:32

32Leah conceived and bore a son, and she named him Reuben; for she said, “Because the Lord has looked on my affliction; surely now my husband will love me.”

Exod 6:14

The Genealogy of Moses and Aaron
14The following are the heads of their ancestral houses: the sons of Reuben, the firstborn of Israel: Hanoch, Pallu, Hezron, an ... View more

Num 1:5

5These are the names of the men who shall assist you:
From Reuben, Elizur son of Shedeur.

Num 1:20-21

20The descendants of Reuben, Israel's firstborn, their lineage, in their clans, by their ancestral houses, according to the number of names, individually, every ... View more

Num 26:5-10

5Reuben, the firstborn of Israel. The descendants of Reuben: of Hanoch, the clan of the Hanochites; of Pallu, the clan of the Palluites;6of Hezron, the clan of ... View more

Deut 33:6

6May Reuben live, and not die out,
even though his numbers are few.

Josh 13:15-23

The Territory of Reuben
15Moses gave an inheritance to the tribe of the Reubenites according to their clans.16Their territory was from Aroer, which is on the ed ... View more

Num 2:10

10On the south side shall be the regimental encampment of Reuben by companies. The leader of the Reubenites shall be Elizur son of Shedeur,

Num 2:16

16The total enrollment of the camp of Reuben, by companies, is one hundred fifty-one thousand four hundred fifty. They shall set out second.

Num 7:30

30On the fourth day Elizur son of Shedeur, the leader of the Reubenites:

Num 18:18

18but their flesh shall be yours, just as the breast that is elevated and as the right thigh are yours.

Deut 13:4

4The Lord your God you shall follow, him alone you shall fear, his commandments you shall keep, his voice you shall obey, him you shall serve, and to him you sh ... View more

Ezek 48:31

31three gates, the gate of Reuben, the gate of Judah, and the gate of Levi, the gates of the city being named after the tribes of Israel.

Gen 49:4

4Unstable as water, you shall no longer excel
because you went up onto your father's bed;
then you defiled it—you went up onto my couch!

1Chr 5:1

Descendants of Reuben
1The sons of Reuben the firstborn of Israel. (He was the firstborn, but because he defiled his father's bed his birthright was given to th ... View more

Deut 33:6

6May Reuben live, and not die out,
even though his numbers are few.

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