Armed conflict between two or more opposing peoples. War was so common in the biblical period that the OT makes specific reference to times of peace (Judg 3:11; 1Kgs 5:4; 2Chr 14:1; 2Chr 5:1-7:1). Wars were fought for political, economic, and religious reasons, and Palestine’s position near the land bridge between Africa and Asia greatly multiplied the number of wars in which the inhabitants were involved. Since the Hebrew conquest and settlement of Canaan was partly accomplished by means of armed conflict, Israel’s early history (ca. 1225–1025 BCE) is, to some degree, a history of the wars of Israel. Later, the Hebrew monarchy (ca. 1025–586 BCE) was established and maintained by means of war. The events and thoughts of the later centuries were molded by the wars that brought Israel under the dominion of Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Hellenistic, and Roman conquerors. Furthermore, one of the fundamental images of God in the OT is that of a warrior (Exod 15:3; Ps 24:8; Isa 42:13) who assists Israel in times of war (Exod 14:13-14; Josh 10:11; Josh 24:12; 1Sam 17:45). Divinely sanctioned wars are mentioned frequently (Josh 8:1; Judg 4:14-15; 1Sam 23:4; 2Kgs 3:18), and the idea that God “used” war to punish an apostate Israel also appears again and again (Isa 5:26-28; Jer 5:15-17; Ezek 21:1-32; Ezek 23:22-28). Because war was such a well-known phenomenon and such a serious matter, it was also used as a symbol for the Christian life (2Cor 10:3-4; Eph 6:11-17; 1Tim 1:18; 2Tim 2:3-4; Jas 4:1-2; 1Pet 2:11).

Judg 3:11

11So the land had rest forty years. Then Othniel son of Kenaz died.

1Kgs 5:4

4But now the Lord my God has given me rest on every side; there is neither adversary nor misfortune.

2Chr 14:1

Asa Reigns
1 So Abijah slept with his ancestors, and they buried him in the city of David. His son Asa succeeded him. In his days the land had rest for ten year ... View more

2Chr 5:1-7:1

1Thus all the work that Solomon did for the house of the Lord was finished. Solomon brought in the things that his father David had dedicated, and stored the si ... View more

Exod 15:3

3The Lord is a warrior;
the Lord is his name.

Ps 24:8

8Who is the King of glory?
The Lord, strong and mighty,
the Lord, mighty in battle.

Isa 42:13

13The Lord goes forth like a soldier,
like a warrior he stirs up his fury;
he cries out, he shouts aloud,
he shows himself mighty against his foes.

Exod 14:13-14

13But Moses said to the people, “Do not be afraid, stand firm, and see the deliverance that the Lord will accomplish for you today; for the Egyptians whom you s ... View more

Josh 10:11

11As they fled before Israel, while they were going down the slope of Beth-horon, the Lord threw down huge stones from heaven on them as far as Azekah, and they ... View more

Josh 24:12

12I sent the hornet ahead of you, which drove out before you the two kings of the Amorites; it was not by your sword or by your bow.

1Sam 17:45

45But David said to the Philistine, “You come to me with sword and spear and javelin; but I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies ... View more

Josh 8:1

Ai Captured by a Stratagem and Destroyed
1Then the Lord said to Joshua, “Do not fear or be dismayed; take all the fighting men with you, and go up now to Ai. Se ... View more

Judg 4:14-15

14Then Deborah said to Barak, “Up! For this is the day on which the Lord has given Sisera into your hand. The Lord is indeed going out before you.” So Barak wen ... View more

1Sam 23:4

4Then David inquired of the Lord again. The Lord answered him, “Yes, go down to Keilah; for I will give the Philistines into your hand.”

2Kgs 3:18

18This is only a trifle in the sight of the Lord, for he will also hand Moab over to you.

Isa 5:26-28

26He will raise a signal for a nation far away,
and whistle for a people at the ends of the earth;
Here they come, swiftly, speedily!27None of them is weary, no ... View more

Jer 5:15-17

15I am going to bring upon you
a nation from far away, O house of Israel,
says the Lord.
It is an enduring nation,
it is an ancient nation,
a nation whose langu ... View more

Ezek 21:1-32

The Drawn Sword of God
1 The word of the Lord came to me:2Mortal, set your face toward Jerusalem and preach against the sanctuaries; prophesy against the land o ... View more

Ezek 23:22-28

22Therefore, O Oholibah, thus says the Lord GOD: I will rouse against you your lovers from whom you turned in disgust, and I will bring them against you from ev ... View more

2Cor 10:3-4

3Indeed, we live as human beings, but we do not wage war according to human standards;4for the weapons of our warfare are not merely human, but they have divine ... View more

Eph 6:11-17

11Put on the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.12For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, b ... View more

1Tim 1:18

18I am giving you these instructions, Timothy, my child, in accordance with the prophecies made earlier about you, so that by following them you may fight the g ... View more

2Tim 2:3-4

3Share in suffering like a good soldier of Christ Jesus.4No one serving in the army gets entangled in everyday affairs; the soldier's aim is to please the enlis ... View more

Jas 4:1-2

Friendship with the World
1Those conflicts and disputes among you, where do they come from? Do they not come from your cravings that are at war within you?2You ... View more

1Pet 2:11

Live as Servants of God
11Beloved, I urge you as aliens and exiles to abstain from the desires of the flesh that wage war against the soul.

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