For your journey on Bible Odyssey Website, some tools can come in handy. Want to know what “messianic” means? Check out our online Bible Dictionary. Want to locate the Jordan River? The Map Gallery is there to help. And just what is biblical studies? Bible Basics orients you to the key ideas that inform the field. In other words, Tools help you narrow your quest and provide distinct and multimedia approaches to the Bible and its worlds. 

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    Listen to leading Bible scholars, archaeologists, translators, and historians as they discuss the Bible and its related literature.

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    See what kinds of questions our readers are asking about the Bible, and read the responses from Bible scholars. Send in your question here.

    Please note that we currently have a long waiting list of questions. We hope to come up with another way to answer them in a more timely manner in the near future. 

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    Learn how Bible scholars think through these longer essays that answer significant and broad questions about biblical studies.

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    Want to dig deeper? Our contributors recommend these books for further reading. Click on the book cover image for a link to a source.

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    Meet Bible Odyssey Website contributors and find out more about their research and publications.

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    Search here for specific or technical terms not defined in the HarperCollins Bible Dictionary.

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    Did you know you can search the entirety of the HarperCollins Bible Dictionary on Bible Odyssey? You'll find there definitions of a variety of biblial terms, written by scholars.

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    These timelines offer multimedia views of key themes, people, and events related to the Bible and its reception.

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