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  • jensen-morten

    Morten Hørning Jensen Associate Professor,  Lutheran School of Theology

    Morten Hørning Jensen is associate professor at Lutheran School of Theology, Aarhus, Denmark; adjunct professor at MF Norwegian School of Theology, Oslo, and Research Fellow at University of South Africa. He is the author of Herod Antipas in Galilee (Mohr Siebeck 2010) besides numerous articles on topics related to first-century Galilee and the Historical Jesus including the entry on Herod Antipas in The Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (de Gruyter 2015).

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  • Jeon-Jaeyoung

    Jaeyoung Jeon SNSF senior researcher ,  University of Lausanne

    Jaeyoung Jeon is currently a SNSF senior researcher at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. He attained his PhD in Hebrew Bible from Tel Aviv University and MA at the Hebrew University. He is author of the books The Call of Moses and the Exodus Story: A Redactional-Critical Study in Exodus 3-4 and 5-13 (Mohr Siebeck, 2013) and From the Reed Sea to Kadesh: A Redaction-Critical and Socio-historical Study of the Pentateuchal Wilderness Narrative (Mohr Siebeck [forthcoming]) and coeditor (with Louis Jonker) of Chronicles and the Priestly Literature: Literary-Historical and Ideological Relationships between Chronicles, Ezekiel, and the Pentateuch(de Gruyter, forthcoming).

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  • Joshua W. Jipp

    Joshua W. Jipp Assistant Professor,  Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

    Joshua W. Jipp is assistant professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. His most recent scholarly work includes “Paul’s Areopagus Speech of Acts 17:16-34 as both Critique and Propaganda” (Journal of Biblical Literature) and Divine Visitations and Hospitality to Strangers in Luke-Acts (Brill, 2013).

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  • Caroline Johnson Hodge

    Caroline Johnson Hodge Associate Professor,  College of the Holy Cross

    Caroline Johnson Hodge is associate professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the College of the Holy Cross. She is the author of a book entitled “If Sons, Then Heirs”: A Study of Kinship and Ethnicity in Paul’s Letters (Oxford University Press, 2007). Her current project on mixed marriage in the ancient household documents evidence for women’s roles in domestic religious practices and examines the particular situation of women in polytheistic households who convert to Christianity.

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