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  • Robert J. Miller

    Robert J. Miller Professor,  Juniata College

    Robert J. Miller is professor of religious studies at Juniata College in Pennsylvania. He is the editor of The Complete Gospels (4th ed., Polebridge Press, 2010) and the author of Born Divine: The Births of Jesus and Other Sons of God (Polebridge Press, 2003).


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  • mitchell-christine

    Christine Mitchell Professor of Hebrew Scriptures,  St. Andrew’s College, University of Saskatchewan

    Christine Mitchell is Professor of Hebrew Scriptures at St. Andrew’s College, University of Saskatchewan, Canada. She regularly teaches and writes about women and gender issues in the Hebrew Bible. Her other interests include religion in the Persian Empire and the books of Chronicles, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi.

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  • Monroe-Lauren

    Lauren Monroe Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible ,  Cornell University

    Lauren Monroe is Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible at Cornell University. Her research focuses on how what it meant to be Israelite changed over time and how such changes are reflected in the stratigraphy of the biblical text and the archaeological tel. Her book, Josiah’s Reform and the Dynamics of Defilement: Israelite Rites of Violence and the Making of a Biblical Text (Oxford University Press, 2011) explores the seventh century BCE religious reforms of the Judean King Josiah, whose rites of violence are a formative moment in the Bible’s representation of the emergence of monotheism.  She is currently working on two books, Joseph the Hebrew and the Genesis of Ancient Israel (Oxford University Press, under contract), and Becoming Israel: Political Identity and the Song of Deborah.  On the horizon is a project entitled Tidings from Sheba, which addresses how South Arabian Sabaean inscriptions from Yemen illuminate ancient Israelite society, politics and religion.

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  • Morgan-Teresa

    Teresa Morgan Professor of Graeco-Roman History ,  University of Oxford

    Teresa Morgan is Professor of Graeco-Roman History at the University of Oxford, Nancy Bissell Turpin Fellow and tutor in Ancient History at Oriel College, Oxford, and McDonald-Agape Professor-Elect of New Testament and Early Christianity at Yale Divinity School. She studied classics at Cambridge University, theology at Oxford University, and violin and viola in London and Cologne. She is an Anglican priest and serves in two parishes on the edge of Oxford.

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