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  • John T. Fitzgerald

    John T. Fitzgerald Professor,  University of Notre Dame

    John T. Fitzgerald is professor of New Testament and early Christianity at the University of Notre Dame.

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  • Frances Flannery

    Frances Flannery Associate Professor,  James Madison University

    Frances Flannery is associate professor of religion at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Her research specialties are ancient and contemporary apocalypticism and religious terrorism. She is the author of Dreamers, Scribes, and Priests: Jewish Dreams in the Hellenistic and Roman Eras (Brill, 2004) and coeditor with Colleen Shantz and Rodney Werline of Experientia, Volume 1: Inquiry into Religious Experience in Early Judaism and Early Christianity (Society of Biblical Literature, 2007).

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  • Peter W. Flint

    Peter W. Flint Research Chair,  Trinity Western University

    Peter W. Flint holds the Canada Research Chair in Dead Sea Scrolls Studies at Trinity Western University, Canada. His publications include The Dead Sea Psalms Scrolls and the Book of Psalms (Brill, 1997), The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible (HarperOne, 1999), and The Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls (HarperOne, 2002). He is also the coeditor of the Cave 4 Psalms Scrolls and is preparing the Book of Psalms for The Oxford Hebrew Bible and a new edition of the Cave 11 Psalms Scroll for the series Dead Sea Scrolls Editions.

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  • Julia Lambert Fogg

    Julia Lambert Fogg Associate Professor ,  California Lutheran University

    Julia Lambert Fogg is associate professor of New Testament and early Christianity and chair of the Religion Department at California Lutheran University. In her teaching and research, she explores how culture and social practices shape community expressions of faith. She is currently pursuing research in migration, immigration, and the Bible in Latino communities in Los Angeles.

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