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  • Matthews-Shelly

    Shelly Matthews Professor of New Testament,  Brite Divinity School

    Shelly Matthews is Professor of New Testament at the Brite Divinity School. She is the co-author, with Barbara Reid, OP, of Luke, a two-volume feminist commentary in the Wisdom Commentary Series (Liturgical Press, 2021).

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  • Victor H. Matthews

    Victor H. Matthews Professor,  Missouri State University

    Victor H. Matthews is a professor of religious studies and dean of the College of Humanities and Public Affairs at Missouri State University. Among his publications are Studying the Ancient Israelites: A Guide to Sources and Methods (Baker Academic, 2007), Manners and Customs in the Bible (3rd ed., Baker Academic, 2006), and A Brief History of Ancient Israel (Westminster John Knox, 2002).

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  • mbuvi-amanda

    Amanda Mbuvi Assistant Professor of Religion,  High Point University

    Amanda Mbuvi is Assistant Professor of Religion at High Point University. She approaches biblical studies from an interdisciplinary perspective, engaging questions of identity and community that are prominent in both the biblical texts and contemporary conversations about how we live with those texts and with each other. Her first book, Belonging in Genesis: Biblical Israel and the Politics of Identity Formation,was recently published by Baylor University Press.

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  • Mbuvi-Andrew

    Andrew M. Mbuvi faculty in the Religious Studies Department ,  University of North Carolina-Greensboro

    Andrew M. Mbuvi, PhD (Biblical Studies and Hermeneutics), is faculty in the Religious Studies Department at UNC-Greensboro, NC. He is the author of Jude and 2 Peter (A New Covenant Commentary Series: Eugene, OR: Cascade, 2015), a commentary that applies a postcolonial approach.

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