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  • gilmour-michael

    Michael Gilmour Professor of New Testament & English Literature,  Providence University College

    Michael Gilmour teaches New Testament at Providence University College (Canada). Among his publications is Eden’s Other Residents: The Bible and Animals (Cascade, 2014).

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  • Gilmour-Rachelle

    Rachelle Gilmour Bromby Senior Lecturer in Old Testament ,  Trinity College, University of Divinity (Melbourne)

    Rachelle Gilmour is Bromby Senior Lecturer in Old Testament at Trinity College, University of Divinity (Melbourne). Her monographs include Representing the Past: A Literary Analysis of Narrative Historiography in the Book of Samuel (Brill, 2011), and a forthcoming volume, Divine Violence in the Book of Samuel (Oxford University Press).

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  • Giovanetto-Anna

    Anna Giovanetto graduating student,  Trinity International University

    Anna Giovanetto is a graduating student at Trinity International University, receiving her undergraduate degree in Bible and Ministry, with an emphasis in biblical studies.

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  • Beth Glazier-McDonald

    Beth Glazier-McDonald Professor,  Centre College

    Beth Glazier-McDonald is professor of religion at Centre College. She was a contributing author to Eerdmans’ Dictionary of the Bible, Women in Scripture, and The Women’s Bible Commentary. She has also written widely on the prophet Malachi.

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