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  • André LaCocque

    André LaCocque Professor Emeritus,  Chicago Theological Seminary

    André LaCocque is professor emeritus of Hebrew Scriptures at Chicago Theological Seminary and Director-Founder of the Center of Jewish-Christian Studies. He is the author of numerous books and articles, including Thinking Biblically: Exegetical and Hermeneutical Studies, with Paul Ricoeur (University of Chicago Press, 1998) and The Feminine Unconventional: Four Subversive Figures in Israel’s Tradition (Wipf and Stock, 2006).

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  • lamerson-samuel

    Samuel Lamerson Professor,  Knox Seminary

    Samuel Lamerson is professor of New Testament at Knox Seminary and author of English Grammar to Ace New Testament Greek (Zondervan, 2004).

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  • Brent Landau

    Brent Landau Lecturer,  University of Texas at Austin

    Brent Landau is a lecturer in religious studies at the University of Texas at Austin. He is the author of Revelation of the Magi: The Lost Tale of the Wise Men’s Journey to Bethlehem (HarperOne, 2010).

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  • Bernhard Lang

    Bernhard Lang Emeritus Professor,  University of Paderborn

    Bernhard Lang is emeritus professor of Old Testament and religious studies at the University of Paderborn, Germany. He is author of Joseph in Egypt: A Cultural Icon from Grotius to Goethe (Yale University Press, 2009) and Hebrew Life and Literature (Ashgate, 2008).

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