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  • Ada Taggar-Cohen

    Ada Taggar-Cohen Professor,  Doshisha University

    Ada Taggar-Cohen is a professor of Bible and ancient Near Eastern studies at the Faculty of Theology of Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan. Her research focuses on Hittite priesthood and comparative studies of issues related to Hittite and ancient Israelite cultures. Her book Hittite Priesthood (Universitätsverlag Winter, 2006) is a comprehensive work on this topic.

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  • Elsa Támez

    Elsa Támez Professor emerita,  Latin American Biblical University

    Elsa Támez is a Mexican-Costarrican living in Colombia. She is professor emerita of biblical studies at the Latin American Biblical University. She is the author of Amnesty of Grace: Justification by Faith from a Latin American Perspective (1993), Jesus and Courageous Women (2001), and Struggles for Power in Early Christianity: A Study of the First Letter of Timothy (2006).

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  • Robert C. Tannehill

    Robert C. Tannehill Emeritus Professor,  Methodist Theological School

    Robert C. Tannehill is retired from his position as professor of New Testament at Methodist Theological School in Ohio. He is the author of “The Magnificat as Poem,” published in the Journal of Biblical Literature, and The Narrative Unity of Luke-Acts: A Literary Interpretation, vol. 1 (Fortress Press, 1986) and Luke (Abingdon New Testament Commentaries, 1996).

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  • Ron E. Tappy

    Ron E. Tappy Professor,  Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

    Ron E. Tappy is the G. Albert Shoemaker Professor of Bible and Archaeology at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, the Director of the James L. Kelso Museum, and the Project Director of The Zeitah Excavations. He conducted a surface survey at Tel Zayit in 1998 and, to date, has completed nine seasons of excavation at the site, where his research focuses on the nature of borderland settlements during the Iron Age.

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