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Glossary Items starting with 'H'

  • Hajj

    The Muslim pillar of pilgrimage to Mecca.

  • Hammurabi

    The king of Babylon from 1792-1750 BCE; he distributed a set of widely influential laws, the "Code of Hammurabi," throughout his kingdom.

  • Hammurabis Laws

    A legal code issued by the Babylonian King Hammurabi and distributed widely in the ancient world. Many of its laws, like "an eye for an eye," would enter other ancient legal codes.

  • Hanukkah

    The Jewish festival which recalls over an 8-day period the rededication of the Temple in 165 B.C.E. by the Maccabees who fought against the Seleucids.

  • harbinger

    something that foreshadows a future event

  • Hasmonean

    Relating to the dynasty established by Simon Maccabeus that ruled Israel independently from 140-37 B.C.E.

  • Hasmoneans

    A dynasty that ruled Israel from 140-37 B.C.E.; their origin is recounted in 1 and 2 Maccabees.

  • Hathor

    The Egyptian goddess of love and fertility.

  • Hatshepsut

    The Pharaoh of Egypt from 1479-1458 B.C.E. She had a notably successful reign, commissioning numerous building projects and establishing trade networks.

  • Hatti

    Can refer to the Hittite people, the capital of the Hittite Empire (Hattusa), or the entire Hittite region.

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