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Glossary Items starting with 'I'

  • I Have a Dream speech

    A famous speech delivered by the American civil rights leader Martin Luther King in 1963 at the Lincoln Memorial where he described a vision of freedom and equality for all people.

  • Ialdabaoth

    In second- and third-century C.E. Judaic and Christian Gnosticism, the name for the demiurge, one of the beings that created the world.

  • iberian peninsula

    The southwestern part of Europe that includes Spain and Portugal.

  • icons

    A religious work of art often depicting a religious figure, as in a painting.

  • ideological

    Of or relating to systems of ideas and commitments, often social and political in nature.

  • ideological criticism

    A method of biblical interpretation that focuses on the ideologies advanced and suppressed by a given text.

  • idolatry

    Worship of a diety or cultural value not associated with the one, true, God.

  • Ignatius of Antioch

    A first-century C.E. apostolic father traditionally understood to have been martyred and to whom a corpus of letters is attributed.

  • illegal antiquities trade

    The sale of ancient artifacts that have been illicitly obtained, e.g. by theft from an archaeological site.

  • imago dei

    the concept that human beings are created in the image of God

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