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Glossary Items starting with 'N'

  • Nabonidus

    The last ruler of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, ruled from 555–539 B.C.E. Nabonidus promoted worship of the moon god Sin over the national god of Babylon, Marduk. Nabonidus spent much of his reign at the oasis of Tayma in the Arabian desert, leaving his son Belshazzar in charge of the empire. Nabonidus was defeated by the Persians under Cyrus in 539 B.C.E.

  • Nabu

    The scribal god of the Mesopotamian pantheon; the son of Marduk, he came to be associated with wisdom as well as writing.

  • Nag Hammadi

    A city on the Nile in Egypt where papyrus codices written in Coptic and associated with antique Gnosticism were found in 1945.

  • narrative

    A written, spoken, or recorded story.

  • narrators

    Those who write, speak, or otherwise transmit a story or account.

  • national gods

    Gods particular to a city, nation, or empire and believed to play a role in the nation's welfare.

  • nativity

    Birth, often accounts about the birth of Jesus.

  • necromancer

    one who uses magic to summon the dead

  • necropolis

    A large cemetery belonging to an ancient city.

  • Nemesis

    Greek goddess of justice

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