Creation of the World

William Blake. “Urizen as the Creator of the Material World” or "The Ancient of Days" " from Europe, A Prophecy. Printed by W. Blake, 1794. Rosenwald Collection, Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress.

Blake published his book Europe, a Prophecy in 1794. In Blake’s personal mythology, there is a character named Urizen, who embodies conventional reason and law. He is usually depicted as a bearded old man, sometimes bearing architect's tools to create and constrain the universe. Urizen is also known as the Ancient of Days, a name that derives from one of God’s titles in the book of Daniel. Blake shows Urizen crouching in a circular solar design with a cloud-like background. His outstretched hand holds a compass over the darker void below. The motif of the Ancient of Days was a favorite of the artist Blake.

William Blake

An inspired message related by a prophet; also, the process whereby a prophet relates inspired messages to others.

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