Zipporah, Moses, and Jethro

Moses and Zipporah in The Prince of Egypt (1998). DreamWorks Animation SKG.

This still is from the 1998 DreamWorks animated musical The Prince of Egypt, which adapts much of the book of Exodus and the life of Moses. This scene shows Moses and his wife Zipporah. In the film, the pharaoh Ramesses receives Zipporah as a concubine, but she falls in love with Moses after he helps her escape Egypt. When he subsequently saves her sisters from bandits, Moses is welcomed into the Midianite tribe of Zipporah’s father, Jethro. In the biblical version of the story, in contrast, Moses meets Zipporah when he flees Egypt after having killed an Egyptian man. Moses arrives in Midian, where he saves Zipporah and her sisters from harassment by local shepherds at the well where they are watering their flocks.

Moses and Zipporah in The Prince of Egypt (1998).

migration of the ancient Israelites from Egypt into Canaan

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