Song of Songs II

Marc Chagall, Song of Songs II, 1957. Oil on canvas, Musée national Message Biblique Marc Chagall, Nice, France.

After World War II and the death of his wife, Bella Rosenfeld, Chagall returned to France and started a cycle of 17 paintings that he called the Biblical Cycle. The first 12 interpret episodes in Genesis and Exodus, and the last five deal with the Song of Songs. The Song of Songs paintings in this cycle are all the same large size: 57 x 83 inches.

The cycle is hung in a specially built octagonal room at the Chagall museum in Nice, France. The paintings are hung chromatically rather than chronologically, and the room glows and pulsates with reds. The figures dance from one painting to the next. An alcove looks out over a fountain and a mural of Isaiah, perfect for contemplation.

Marc Chagll, Song of Songs II.  Oil on canvas, 1957.  Musee national Message Biblique, Nice, France.

migration of the ancient Israelites from Egypt into Canaan

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