Andrew Mabanji, Jeremiah, 21st century. Stone, Zimbabwe. Photograph by Hugh Witzmann, OSB.

Andrew Mabanji is a contemporary African sculptor born in Kadoma, Zimbabwe, in 1974. Mabanji’s artistic vision is inspired by a group of artists known as the Gota Rochisum. The group is affiliated with the Shona tribe, whose goal is to release from hard stone the hidden strength of their indigenous culture. They strive to create authentic African art based on their Christian heritage. The group sculpts from hard stones such as steatite, verdite, and granite. In this piece, Mabanji has created a contemporary African interpretation of the prophet Jeremiah. The face of Jeremiah resembles an African mask and is framed by the formless right arm, the left arm holding open a page from a book.

Andrew Mabanji, Jeremiah , 21 st century. Stone, Zimbabwe. Photograph by Hugh Witzmann, OSB.

Genuine; historically accurate.

A person deemed holy by a religious tradition, especially in Roman Catholicism.

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