Altarpiece of Saint Job

Altarpiece of Saint Job, circa 1530 C.E. Schoonbroek, Belgium. Photograph by Karel Lavrijsen.

The Altarpiece of Saint Job from the main altar of the parish church in Schoonbroek, Belgium, is constructed in three sections: a raised central section and two side panels painted on all sides with scenes from the life of Job. Sitting atop the central panel is a seated statuette of Job. The altarpiece is used in prayers and litanies to Saint Job, who is believed to intercede for those suffering from illness. Until 1991, the Job statuette was processed through the town of Schoonbroek each year on Job’s feast day. Many statuettes like this one depicting Job as an intercessor for the diseased exist in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Italy. 


A person deemed holy by a religious tradition, especially in Roman Catholicism.

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