Job on Altarpiece

Job on Altarpiece, 12th century.  Bishop's Castle Chapel, Strassburg, Austria. Photograph by Johann Jaritz.

This undated painting of Job adorns the altar of the Bishop’s Castle Chapel, a Roman Catholic parish in Strassburg, Austria. The original structure was built in 1169, but numerous additions have been added since. Job, seated in the lower left, is portrayed in the typical style used by European artists to depict Christ, complete with halo, long hair, and beard. Job’s naked body is covered in sores; downcast eyes reveal his suffering. The devil ascends from the sky over Job’s shoulder to poke him with a red-tipped spear. Notice how the artist uses splashes of bright red color in the spear, ruins, and garments to bisect the composition horizontally. Job’s wife and friends look on helplessly as God floats in billowing robes above their heads.


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