Job with Leprosy

Job with Leprosy, circa 1580. Fresco, Parz Castle, Austria. Photograph by Wolfgang Sauber.

Parz Castle, near Grieskirchen, Austria, dates to the late 16th century. The castle’s garden walls are adorned with the largest cycle of exterior Renaissance frescoes north of the Alps. The complete fresco cycle is almost one hundred yards in length and portrays biblical scenes, like this one of Job, as well as workaday scenes from the Renaissance period. Job is depicted here with lesions covering his naked body, sitting atop a pile of garbage. Satan is attacking Job from the left while Job’s wife torments him from the right. Many Christians followed Augustine’s teaching that Job’s wife was the devil’s assistant. The facial features of all three extant figures have been lost; however, Job’s striking red hair and beard remain.

Job with Leprosy, circa 1580. Fresco, Parz Castle, Austria. Photo by Wolfgang Sauber.

Still in existence.

Painting, usually murals, created in wet plaster.

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