The Raising of Lazarus

Giotto di Bondone. The Raising of Lazarus, 1304-1306. Frescoe. Cappella degli Scrovegni nell'Arena, Padua, Italy.

Enrico Scrovegni was an affluent Paduan banker, and commissioned the Arena Chapel partly to atone for the sin of usury. Giotto frescoed the whole chapel's surface, including the walls and the ceiling. The fresco cycle is organized along four registers, each of which contains episodes from the stories of the various protagonists of the Bible.

In this scene, Mary and Martha lie prone at Jesus’ feet and implore him to bring their brother back from the dead. Lazarus is shown on the right just as his coffin is opened and tipped up. The women closest to the body are covering their noses with their garments. The focus of the painting is Jesus’ hand, stretching toward the dead man to revive him.

Giotto di Bondone. The Raising of Lazurus, 1304-1306, frescoe. Cappella degli Scrovegni nell

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