Michelangelo, Leah, The Tomb of Pope Julius II, 1545, marble, San Pietro in Vincoli, Rome.

The tomb of Pope Julius II is an architectural ensemble of sculptures made by Michelangelo's studio. On the primary level is Michelangelo's central figure of Moses flanked by two sculptures of Rachel and Leah. These three sculptures are the only ones on the tomb done by Michelangelo himself. Leah is represented as a Roman matron in classical dress and holding a mirror and a garland. References to the the seven allegorical virtues were very popular at the time and the mirror that Leah holds may refer to Prudencia, the female personification of prudence, whose symbol is a mirror.


a married woman

Application of human-like qualities to a concept, object, or nonhuman being; also called "anthropomorphizing."

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