Lot und Seine Töchter (Lot and His Daughters)

Otto Dix, Lot und Seine Töchter, 1939. Mixed technique on hard board, Ludwig Museum, Aachen, Germany.

Otto Dix (1891–1969) was a German painter whose artistic expression was noted for its harsh commentary on the brutality of war. Dix volunteered for the German army at the outbreak of World War I and was assigned to a machine-gun unit on the Western front. Dix was deeply troubled by the war and would suffer from recurring nightmares throughout his lifetime. Here, in Dix’s interpretation of the biblical story of Lot, the bombed and burning city of Dresden becomes the central backdrop of the moral dilemma faced by Lot and his daughters. After WWI, Dix became a professor of art at the Dresden Academy. When the Nazis came to power, he lost his teaching position and was labeled a “degenerate artist,” banned for his “un-German” art.


Lot und Seine Töchter

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