Tse Tsan Tai’s 1914 map published with his book The Creation, The Origin of the Chinese, and the Real Situation of Eden (Hong Kong: Kelly & Walsh, 1914), insert.

In addition to being a Christian theologian, Tse Tsan-tai (1872-1938) was a revolutionary, a journalist, a social and political reformer, a scholar, a businessman, an inventor, and a historian. He advocated the overthrow of the Qing government and the establishment of a republic in China. He also supported the controversial theory that Eden was located in China—perhaps with the hope that this idea might force various factions to reconcile and stop further violence.

Tse tried to use the Bible’s geographical descriptions to prove that the Garden of Eden was in China. With the publication in 1914 of his book The Creation, the Garden of Eden and the Origin of the Chinese, Tse joined Christianity’s long tradition of mapping the Garden of Eden.


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