Edward Burne-Jones, Daniel, 1873. Brush and brown wash on cream wove paper, St. Martins-on-the-Hill, Scarborough, England. 

Edward Burne-Jones (1833−98) created this work as a study for a stained-glass window at the church of St. Martin-on-the-Hill, Scarborough, England. Born in Birmingham, England, Burne-Jones reinvigorated the tradition of stained-glass art in Britain by incorporating designs from the pre-Raphaelite artistic movement popular in Britain at the time. His most important works were executed as a principal designer for Morris & Co., a thriving decorative-arts firm that specialized in churches. Burne-Jones portrays Daniel as a youthful, angelic figure, adorned with a halo framing his innocent face, the fabric of his fluttering cloak positioned as angel’s wings. The composition successfully portrays a message of devotion, Daniel’s hands in prayer, eyes uplifted.


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