Red Dragon of the Apocalypse

Munio and Petrus, Commentary on the Apocalypse (The 'Silos Apocalypse') Great Red Dragon Illumination, Manuscript, 12th C, British Library, London.

The Commentary on the Apocalypse is a Mozabaric eighth-century work by the Spanish monk and theologian Beatus of Liébana. Twenty-six illuminated copies of his work have survived to this day. Mozarabic art of Northern Spain was produced in large part by cloistered monks in northern Christian Spain during the period of Muslim rule in the rest of the peninsula. Munio and Petrus were the two cloistered monks who signed their names to the Silos Apocalypse. Mozarabis scribes excelled at illustrating the fantastical visions described in the book of Revelation, and their styles often reflect the influence of Visagothic and Merovingian metalwork as well Carolingian manuscripts.


Textual documents, usually handwritten.

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